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General Guidelines For Real Estate Photos

The goal is to create generic, but pleasing rooms that a potential buyer will find attractive and inviting.

The Basics

  1. Pets – Hide any water/food bowls and toys

  2. Light bulbs - Replace any burn out bulbs

  3. De-clutter as much as possible. Put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes etc.

  4. Seasonal/holiday decorations - Remove for photos

  5. Dust and vacuum.

  6. Lights – Turn on all interior lights even under cabinet lighting.  

  7. Fans – Turn off all fans

  8. Fireplace – Light all fireplaces if possible.

  9. Blinds – Open all shades, blinds & curtains                                                                                                  Straighten out Curtains.


The Kitchen

  1. Clear off counters including food, dish racks, cutting boards, and small appliances

  2. Put away any dishes in the sink

  3. Remove fridge magnets and other items off the fridge

  4. Remove dish liquids, dish towels, and cleaning products as well as garbage bins, brooms, and mops



  1. Clear off the countertops including toothbrushes, soaps, razors, lotions, etc. Remove garbage cans, bath mats, scales, spare toilet rolls, and toilet brushes

  2. Put out fresh towels neatly folded on towel bars

  3. Close toilet lid


insta kitchen.jpg
  1. Put away clothes, shoes, ect. and make sure that nothing shows under the bed

  2. Remove items from bedside tables, including books, magazines, and jewelry

  3. Put away stuffed animals and excess toys

  4. Remove portable fans, heaters, and waste baskets

  5. Make the bed with a nice bedspread and fluffy pillows at the head of the bed

Dining Room

  1. Arrange chairs neatly around the table

  2. Add a nice centerpiece such as a bowl of fresh fruit or a floral arrangement


Living/Family Rooms

  1. Remove piles of newspapers and magazines

  2. Put away all TV/stereo remotes

  3. Remove excess knick-knacks and clutter

  4. Conceal all electric/cable cords as best you can


  1. Keep lawn mowed and trim trees/overgrown shrubs

  2. Sweep porch and sidewalks

  3. Remove all garden tools including hoses and sprinklers Put away children’s toys

  4. Move garbage and recycling bins out of sight

  5. Outdoor furniture, wipe it down and make sure that cushions look clean and nice

  6. Open any Patio umbrellas or Awnings

  7. Remove Seasonal decorations

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