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Wes Crowell


Born in USA, 1968

Award winning Producer/Photographer

I have been involved in television for over 25 years, shooting, editing and producing content for air. As a videographer for Bright House I shot a wide variety of events, sports and promotional spots. The last 3 years I have been solely been shooting/editing and producing a fishing Program for WFN. In 2013 I edited and produced  Addy Award winning  United Way 2013 Campaign



Skills Summary

  • Producer with strong shooting and editing skills.  Although single camera production is my specialty, I possess the ability to produce multi-camera programs or videos both in studio and in the field. 

  • Produce TV commercials, corporate videos, TV programs, promotional videos and numerous other business-related video productions

  • Work tightly with timing, continuity and sequencing to complete acting scenes and promotional videos

  • Strong single camera production - understanding cutaways and angles to get to the next shot to keep continuity and avoid awkward situations





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